Why Attorneys Use Holmes Legal Investigations

Holmes Legal Investigations get’s results.  How do we get results?  Ever need answers fast on whether or not you should be taking on a client?  Are there enough assets involved in taking the case and investing your time?  We have access to over ten nation wide information data brokers and are able to confirm assets and key information by multiple sources of cross referencing overlapping information that produce reliable accurate information.  We are able to seek out that property or asset for further investigation to visually confirm those results, giving you the piece of mind knowing you are taking on a case that is worth your time and effort.  Our key personal and professional experience in the local courts, with law enforcement, and in the private sector give us the edge in providing you with timely, accurate, and professional legal services that will increase your productivity and reduce your bottom line.

We provide litigations support in: Interviewing witnesses and taking statements, conducting background investigations, locating witnesses, serving subpoenas and process service, video taping depositions, and mobile notary services.