About Our Team

Sean Sullivan – Is a former Central Intelligence Agency Officer and Naval Corpsman. Sean brings highly specialized skills and tradecraft honed in the in the National Clandestine Service’s Special Activities Division to support clients in the private sector. He specializes in: Social Network Link Analysis, Asset Investigations, Surveillance, Lifestyle Investigations, and Executive Protection in Mexico.

John Holschen – Is a former US Army Special Forces Weapon, Medical, and Intelligence Senior Non-Commissioned Officer. John uses his extensive military experience to offer expert security consulting services to major international companies. He’s also one of the top firearms instructors in the state. He specializes in: Business and Residential Physical Security Audits, Red Cell Operations, firearms instruction, and Executive Protection in Mexico.

Brent Barker – Is a former Regional Security Officer and Special Agent at the US Department of State Diplomatic Security Service and US Army Captain. He has over 20 years of experience protecting US embassies and advising diplomats on threats ranging from kidnapping to civil war to terrorism. With decades of specialized experience in international security management, investigations, counter-terrorism and executive protection, Brent provides our clients with expert advice based on exceptional understanding of international travel and operations. He specializes in: Global Travel Security, Security Management, Emergency Response, Travel Safety, Security Training and Threat Assessments for individuals and organizations.

Jamie Nelson – Is a former Advisor at the US State Department, the US Senate, the White House and currently advises High Net Worth families and foundations. He has two Masters Degrees and significant experience living and working overseas in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. He is currently teaching in the Master’s Degree Program at the Jackson School for International Studies at the University of Washington. He specializes in: Public Relations, Crisis Management, Security Consulting, Red Team Operations, Client Relations, and Business Operations.

Justin Welter – Justin Welter has over 15 years of experience as a security consultant and private investigator. He manages high-risk security and VIP close protection for diplomatic personnel, principals of Fortune 500 companies, and high-profile entertainers. Justin has a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and has overseen complex civil investigations involving multi-agent surveillance teams. He has extensive firearm and medical training and is a graduate from Executive Security International and the Academy of Investigative Science.   He specializes in: Hostile Terminations, Physical Security, Executive Protection, Surveillance, and Investigations.

David Liston – Is a private investigator with years of experience. He is skilled at tracking down and finding difficult locates. With an Associates Degree in Police Science Dave conducts pre- and post-litigation Intelligence as well as Contract Compliance Investigations. He specializes in: Asset Profile Investigations, Workman’s Compensation claims, electronic tracking and covert surveillance.